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Using Our Diverse Background To Help You

Attorney Vangela M. Wade established The Wade Law Firm, PLLC in 2011 to represent individuals and families in resolving legal issues impacting their lives daily and often generationally. With over 22 years of experience in Mississippi Law, Attorney Wade provides client-centered representation and counsel to clients in uncontested Family Law matters, Wills and Estates/Probate, Heirs’ Property Issues, Elder Law, Family Asset Protection Planning, Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning. Attorney Wade zealously represents each client with integrity and compassion, providing each one personalized attention from the beginning through the resolution of their legal issue. Learn more about attorney Vangela M. Wade: 

Vangela M. Wade

Why We Focus On Uncontested Matters

It’s important to have a lawyer to help you with all your legal decisions. There are many times when you need an attorney for a simple matter. We want our clients to be able to afford legal representation without spending huge amounts of money they don’t have.

Uncontested matters can be solved with little or no conflict. We see this often in amicable divorce proceedings. While the issues at hand are important and serious, that doesn’t mean you need to spend time and money on representation, wasted hours in a law office or countless hours in a courtroom.

There are a plethora of matters that can be solved without conflict. Among the most common uncontested issues are:

Need An Experienced Mississippi Attorney?

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