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Dealing with job loss amid divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Family Law & Divorce |

Divorce can be challenging enough. But when someone loses their job during separation proceedings, it can feel like the world is coming to an end.

Those who’ve lost their jobs may have multiple concerns. That’s because they may not know how the court may look at their employment circumstances and how it could impact negotiations between them and their spouse. Some may fear that if their situation is viewed negatively by a judge, they may have a harder time stating their case regarding spousal and child support.

How the court may evaluate the circumstance

Job loss can happen for several reasons, as most people’s situations aren’t always the same. For example, if someone loses their job due to company layoffs, the individual can provide a better argument to the judge that they are currently not capable of making payments but are still looking for new work. However, if someone loses their job due to poor performance or inappropriate misconduct, a court may hold them financially accountable.

Navigating divorce after job loss

This is what unemployed spouses can do to get back on their feet and navigate the courts:

  • Stay persistent: To prove to the courts that they’re stable and responsible, they may want to keep records of their job search, including submitted applications, phone calls with recruiters, recent interviews and networking events they’ve attended.
  • Try to avoid a career switch: Depending on one’s circumstances, a judge may look at a spouse unfavorably if they decide to switch careers during their divorce. For example, the spouse was an investment banker with a six-figure salary chooses to become a tour guide, which pays half of what they were making before. This move could significantly impact their outcomes in divorce proceedings.

Dealing with both can be difficult

Losing a job in the middle of a divorce can be hard on anyone, especially if they were the primary breadwinner in the family. Luckily, by remaining patient and keeping an open mind, the unemployed partner can get back on their feet and focus on working out an agreement that satisfies both parties.