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How to be a good friend to a sibling who’s going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Family Law & Divorce |

You grew up playing “wedding” together with your Barbie dolls, you were her maid-of-honor at her wedding, and now, your only sister is going through a divorce. Here are a few tips with how to be a good friend to a sibling who’s going through a difficult time such as this.

Be there

When she calls to talk, pick up the phone. Make it a point to check in on her, too. And more than anything, just be prepared to listen. Don’t feel like you need to have all the solutions to any of the problems she’s facing. A lot of times, people just need someone to hear them out.

The fastest way to someone’s heart is their stomach

Whip up her favorite brownie batch—the recipe you used to make when you were kids. Pick up her favorite local produce at the farmer’s market. Or make it a point to tell her that this Tuesday, she’s got the evening off. Stop by the house with a home-cooked meal for her and the kids. Or if cooking’s not exactly your thing, drop off some pizza and a hearty salad instead. It’s the thought that counts regardless of however you go about it.

Make time to talk about the things that are light, too

Know that the divorce may be something that’s always on her mind —and yours too—but sometimes, taking a moment to focus on something light might be a good thing. What’s the brand of nail polish she’s wearing? Has she seen the latest reality TV. Dating show fiasco? What was the name of the teacher you both were convinced was an alien in third grade? Sometimes taking a break from the heavy subjects can be exactly what you both need in the moment.