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How your divorce can impact your adult children

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Family Law & Divorce |

When you and your spouse decided to divorce, one of the last things that was likely on your mind was how your adult children would respond to the news. Even though they may not need to have custody schedules set up for them and aren’t likely to be in the center of your conflicts, they may still be impacted by your divorce.

There can be some legal consequences of a divorce for your adult children that you should consider. For example, when you and your spouse divorce, your financial picture will change. If you have an estate plan in place that leaves assets to your children, then that plan could be impacted by your divorce. It would be a smart idea to talk to your divorce and estate planning attorneys about minimizing the impact of your divorce on your estate plan – and what changes you’ll need to make to your plan.

Another thing to remember is that there may be psychological effects on adult children when their parents divorce. They may have logistical concerns, such as how to visit you or the other parent on holidays or how to share good news without it seeming like they are favoring one parent over the other by telling them the news first.

Though your children are older, it’s still a good idea to talk to them about what they can expect. They will appreciate that you are taking the time to tell them about the arrangements you’re making and what you and their other parent expect the future to look like once the divorce is final.