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Will divorce affect your child’s academic development and prospects?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Family Law & Divorce |

Parents often worry about how a divorce may affect their children. In particular, they sometimes worry that the break in the family unit will derail their child’s development and stall their academic progress.

According to a 2019 study published by researchers at The Ohio State University (OSU), however, divorcing parents can take comfort in one fact: The divorce doesn’t have to dictate how well a child will eventually do in school. Academically, children of divorce can thrive quite well as long as their parents take involved, active roles in their lives. 

Parenting time and connections matter the most

Essentially, researchers discovered that children can overcome the struggles they experience from a broken home if they have plenty of attention from their parental figures. When a break in the family unit occurs (due to divorce or death), children who continue to have a lot of connection and parenting time with at least one parent are more likely to progress through the educational system to the same degree or greater than their most educated parent.

Shared parenting can help you create a sense of stability

Studies like the one mentioned above consistently show that children thrive best when the bonds they have with both their parents are protected. This is why shared parenting has increasingly become the norm over the last few decades when couples divorce.

When you work on a parenting plan with your spouse, it often pays to have an experienced advocate’s guidance. By looking ahead to potential areas of conflict and trying to find some middle ground today, you can craft an agreement that will eliminate a lot of friction and conflicts that you — and your children — may find distressing. A family law attorney here in Ridgeland can help.