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The benefits of advance medical directives are backed by evidence

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Estate Planning |

We understand how hard it is to imagine a future in which your health or mental condition suffers. However, such considerations are a vital part of estate planning. Since no one can see into the future, it makes sense to hope for the best while planning for the worst. Adding advance health care directives to your estate plan can help.

Many attorneys in the Ridgeland, Mississippi, region recommend creating advance medical directives, but are they necessary? We believe they add significant value to your estate plan by establishing your health care wishes in a legally binding way.

What evidence supports the benefits of advance directives?

Our attorneys found an article that links to several studies containing evidence of the benefits of advance medical directives. Some of these evidence-based advantages include the following.

·      Encourages patient-centered care by allowing medical professionals to focus on patient preferences.

·      Facilitates candid discussions about health care between patients and providers.

·      Minimizes the emotional burdens family members feel about end-of-life decisions.

·      Allows patients to decide whether to spend their final days in their home or inside a facility.

·      Improves the quality-of-life patients may experience as the end of their lives approach.

·      Increases the odds that medical providers comply with a patient’s health care wishes.

·      Reduces many of the costs associated with end-of-life medical care.

·      Allows people to rest easy knowing they have already established their final wishes in case mental incapacity becomes an issue.

While thinking about the end of your life may cause discomfort in you and your loved ones, most people feel peaceful and relieved after creating advance directives. We invite you to contact us if you want additional information about health care directives or estate planning. You can also learn more by continuing to review our website and legal blog.