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What are the leading causes of modern divorce?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Family Law & Divorce |

Many different life situations can strain a marriage, but some of them are more likely than others to lead to divorce. If your relationship has gone through a difficult time recently, you may wonder if you and your spouse can get things back to how they once were.

Comparing your circumstances to other marriages usually isn’t effective because the specifics of your situation are unique. Still, you can look at the most common causes of divorce and ask yourself whether your situation falls into one of those categories.

Money problems

Financial issues can easily lead to the end of a marriage. Monetary hardship experienced due to frivolous spending, gambling, addiction or job loss can cause resentment between spouses. Other times, it is the discovery of financial infidelity that makes one spouse question the relationship. If you discover that your spouse has a hidden savings account or has racked up thousands of dollars in debt without telling you, you may not be able to trust them anymore.

Sexual or emotional infidelity

Few things can cause you to lose trust in your spouse as quickly as cheating can. Discovering that your spouse has gotten involved with someone else can break your heart and destroy the trust you had in your spouse and your relationship.

A physical affair involving sex can damage your relationship even if there isn’t an emotional attachment. It’s also true that emotional infidelity, such as constantly emailing their high school sweetheart about how miserable they are and talking about their unrequited feelings for each other, can damage your marriage as well.

Incompatibility or changing personalities

Some people get married with unrealistic ideas about each other. Others know one another well before marriage, but then grow apart as their lives continue. Couples also often succumb to the pressure of extreme circumstances like natural disasters, family tragedies and other unpredictable events.

Some couples can recover, but recovery requires commitment from both spouses. For many people, filing for divorce is the more pragmatic decision, especially if only one spouse remains committed to the relationship.