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Should you divorce if your spouse is totally inflexible?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Family Law & Divorce |

When couples wed in Mississippi, they are usually idealistic about their future together. They look forward to decades of wedded bliss, never anticipating the issues that can undermine their relationship over time.

When one partner is so stubborn that the other person feels unheard or unheeded, especially about important matters such as raising children and the division of household chores, that can be a warning sign that a divorce may be imminent. In any relationship, compromise, a willingness to listen and flexibility are essential to both people’s happiness and the longevity of their union. When a husband or wife refuses to give in or insists upon seeing things solely from their own narrow or questionable viewpoint, trouble usually takes hold.

You can try to reason with your partner or see a couples’ therapist. However, either approach won’t succeed if your partner has a closed mind and is so inflexible that nothing anyone says has a chance of changing their attitude. Deciding whether to divorce may come down to how much each of you values the relationship or how long you are willing to endure a marriage that has become stagnant and unsatisfying.

Problems that an unyielding spouse causes that lead to divorce

Some ongoing circumstances can eventually create a split, particularly when the spouse committing one of the objectionable behaviors listed below just won’t budge:

  • Adultery
  • Too unreliable or unstable to stay in a job for long
  • Relentless negativity
  • Being a workaholic 
  • Hard to get along with
  • Argumentative
  • Acting cruelly 
  • Making extravagant purchases that exhaust the family budget
  • A persistent, out-of-control addiction 
  • Neglecting you or the children

You do have choices. You are not stuck or trapped. If you truly believe that your marriage is permanently broken, divorce could be the way to go forward. If that is what you want, get advice on protecting your rights, finances and best interests.