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Garland W., Personal Injury Client –“I was very satisfied with my decision to go with the Wade Law Firm. I was satisfied with my decision because Mrs. Wade was very professional. She kept me updated with the case and let me know what I needed for the case and was able to get the things that I could not in a timely manner. Again, she was very professional.”


Christopher W., Personal Injury Client – “Mrs. Wade was very professional and she genuinely showed concerned for my family’s well being. She always keep my family updated on the status of our case and she always allowed us to be a apart of the final decision making.”


Ms. Yates, Revocable Trust Client – “Attorney Wade was very knowledgeable, very professional and exhibited a high degree of patience in answering mundane questions. Her office surroundings were impeccable and her staff was punctual in returning calls and conveying messages to Attorney Wade.”